Membership is open to American businesses which include entities lawfully engaged in Nigeria in the conduct of business activities or other activities in furtherance or support of the goals of the Company, and which are:

a)   Wholly owned Nigerian subsidiaries of U.S. Corporations, firms, associations, institutions and other U.S organizations and entities;

b)   Corporations, firms, associations, or institutions substantially owned or controlled by Americans.

c)   Corporations, firms, associations, or institutions which are members of a global network with significant presence in the U.S, and

d)   Corporations, firms, associations, or institutions that are U.S subsidiaries or affiliates of foreign owners or are otherwise listed on U.S. stock exchange, which have both their own significant and independent U.S. operations, and or significant and independent business interests in Nigeria.

Those eligible for membership in any of the categories are required to complete and submit their application forms. In addition, they are to pay the Joining fee of $5,000.00(or Naira Equivalent) which is a one time payment, and the Annual Subscription fee of $5,000.00 (or Naira Equivalent) per annum.